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You should take people as you find them - dogs too!!!!

The above is a moto that I have tried to live my life by. One of the things that I have really enjoyed about opening our campsite is the diversity of people you meet.

The kids found it hilarious listening to me and a Bulgarian cyclist trying to have a conversation. However it perfectly illustrated why you should pay attention in languages and not spend the entire time throwing rubbers at the head of the boy you fancied!!!!

However the Bulgarian cyclist and I managed to get by and we had a lovely chat about his previous visits to the area and he taught me a little about the local area. Apparently he had an aunt who lived near by and he spent a lot of his childhood in this area. He spent four nights with us and every day would go out on his bike and get the train to a different area and cycle about and then come back and sleep in his little brown tent.

On his last day he popped into the kitchen to pay and I was dealing with the usual chaos of dinnertime and he filled me in on his travels. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and he went back down to the site. When he walked out my eldest boy turned to me and said "you really will talk to anyone won't you Mum" 😂😂😂.

To be fair he is right, I walk (stumble in a gin induced haze) through life assuming everyone is a good person until they prove me wrong. I always say to my kids that there is only one type of person I don't like and that's arseholes and unfortunately they exist in all sectors of society. My outlook on life might not seem relevant to the forthcoming paragraphs but if you read on I promise it will begin to make sense.

Now those that no me and my family well would use one word to describe my mother and that would be "animal lover", any animal to be fair. I was forever finding random creatures in my room that she was nursing and bringing one problem dog home after another was a monthly occurrence until my Dad really did loose his shit and temporarily put a stop to it.

Some years ago my mother started ranting on about BSL something or other and there was dog after dog appearing on her news feed. To be honest I tried to ignore it but one day probably when she had me cornered she began to tell me about Breed Specific Legislation and some of the dogs that had been seized under it.

Now I am not saying that I am as animal mad as my mother, I suppose I have more of an interest in people if I am being honest. But the fact that your family pet could be seized and held from you with the threat of euthanasia hanging over he/she for doing absolutely nothing wrong was crazy to me and went against everything I believed in.

Now I am not saying that some sort of legislation isn't needed for all dogs and I understand what the legislation is trying to achieve but in my eyes there are far better solutions.

In a day and age where diversity and equality are rammed in our faces (and rightly so) it seems ludicrous that we can discriminate against a set of specific breeds that are determined by a bunch a vague criteria.

For this reason we have decided that the two charities that we will benefit from our dog show are:

BSL Victim Support UK -

Loving Homes Dog Recue -

Have a little look on their facebook pages and see what they are about.

It would be great if you could come and support us and bring your four legged friend regardless of breed 😂😂😘

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