About Billy & Hazel

Billy can often be found trundling around site in his little black car with a lamb or two on his back seats.  To our foreign guests please note that Google translate does not understand him as he speaks with a very broad Cumbrian accent!  However, he does love a good natter and will entertain you with tails of old.

Hazel is in charge of the plants at Cardewlees and she is often found pottering about watering plants.

Meet Billy & Hazel

Q & A Billy & Hazel

Billy rarely leaves the farm and enjoys meeting new campers and learning about their lives.

Sleep, if I am not tending the flock I am normally found having a siesta but at 74 years of age I think that is allowed.

Round my fields, I have been walking these fields since being a boy and I hope to have a few years left of doing the same.

Becki does a good bacon roll on the van, make sure to visit her.