About The Fun Zappers

Accurately named as they zap the fun out of everything you did prior to having them! 🤣

But Becki and Johnny are incredibly proud of their contribution to the family business.  You will often find them on site cleaning, cutting lawns, delivering food, or undertaking any other task that is asked of them.

They all live incredibly privileged lives so please don’t feel sorry for them, kind campers tipped them that much last year that it has given them a very tinted vision of what the average hourly wage is 🤣

Q & A With The Fun Zappers

The free pizza and earning our own money.

Bertie is a keen rugby player, if he isn’t playing it he is watching it. The girls both like riding and paddleboarding.  Bowie enjoys dancing and playing with his dinosaurs.

None of us like going for walks, our Mum makes us sometimes but we do like the track into Dalston as it means we can walk into Dalston to see our friends without needing a lift.

Have a campfire and toast marshmallows, we still love doing that.